Chinioti Furniture

Chinioti Furniture is a team of award-winning designers and carpenters who specialize in chinioti furniture design for homes. Our expertise extends to both small and large-scale projects.


Chinioti Furniture is a family-owned business offering a variety of wooden furniture. This range is perfect for decorating your home in the most beautiful way. It also protects you from any emotional discomfort that comes with home furnishing. Every person needs their home to stand out from the rest. It is a reflection of who they are. So, we made life easier by transferring all the trouble that comes with in-person-furniture-shopping to an online platform where top quality sheesham (Rosewood) furniture exclusively from chiniot is showcased.

Premium Sheesham (Rosewood) Material

Our products are made from premium Sheesham (Rosewood), which is hand-selected and sourced right here in Chiniot. Now, we are collecting materials from trees that have been cut or brought to our attention by nearby tree trimming businesses. We have our own drying kiln and a sawmill.
Premium Sheesham wood is distinguished by its beautiful grain structure and strong construction. We don’t stain or color the wood because we only use high-quality Sheesham (Rosewood). Finishes applied by hand enhance the wood’s natural beauty. We use durable catalyzed finishes for all surfaces such as the tops of dining tables.

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